About TRC

About 3% of the world human population lives like human being and the rest are called people. The objective of True Realization Centre is to transform people in to human being. Human being is nothing but people possessing the God qualities like Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Patience, etc.

To achieve this, True Realization Centre has been conducting 7 day True Realization Experimental Programs in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Indonesia.

This 7 Day Program helps people shed their five passions of mind which are Anger, Ego, Vanity, Lust and Attachment thereby people attain self-realization.

This 7 Day Program makes people realize the power of Love and to radiate unconditional Love to their family, neighbours, friends, relatives and the acquaintances.

It inculcates as to how to nurture harmony within the family and thereby lead a happy and peaceful life.

This program guides the people to achieve their goals – material as well as spiritual.